Evenaar Tv: Europe in 1 day

Who doesn’t want to visit Europe in 1 day? You can! In Europa Park you can find 15 European countries such as The Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain … Where you don’t only get an adventurous experience but also a culinary one. Europa Park is situated in Rust Germany. The park consists of 13 rollercoasters, yep you read it right 13 rollercoasters. That makes it the attraction park with the most rollercoasters in Europe. But it also has 23-hour shows a day and more than 100 attractions. This all put into 15 European countries. With Rodrigo Vissers I had to go to Europa Park to see all this and have a closer look.

As a kid I always liked going to amusement parks. The ambiance around you … It is impossible not to be happy or not to have fun. And in Europa Park this feeling gets multiplied. The park is gigantic. Approximately 970 000m², just to give you an idea. This makes Europa Park the biggest attraction park in Germany. Actually, one day isn’t enough to visit the entire park and to be able to enjoy all the attractions. But don’t worry there are different possibilities to stay over: 5-themed hotels, a camping and a tipi-village.

No lack of food either. You can find the usual fast-food and sweets for an amusement park but beside that you can find typical dishes in every country represented. For those who prefer a real restaurant, there are some options. In the park you have 7 different restaurants among which the “Ammolite”, the only 2- Michelin star restaurant in the world that’s situated in an amusement park.

But let’s be honest. Everyone goes to an amusement park to let the inner kid go wild. So, did we!!! Well, at least I did. LOL. The only thing I am afraid of are looping’s and of course Europa Park has a rollercoaster with a looping…

Did I get over my fear? Watch the video below and find out!
(The video is only available in Dutch, because it was filmed for a Belgian TV-show)