Evenaar TV: Microadventure Virelles met Joyce Colfs

Evenaar TV: Microadventure

Have you heard about the sphairs?
Comme nouvelle reporter pour le programme « En Route » sur Evenaar TV, j’ai été tester un des endroits les plus idyllic de la Belgique. Un beau jour ensoleilé j’ai decidé de faire une surprise a mon amie Tessa. Elle comme moi ont un agenda plutôt charger. Donc quoi de mieux que de s’enfuir pour recharger les batteries ? C’est exactement ce qu’on peut faire avec une micro aventure.
What is a microadventure?
A microadventure is a minitrip, not far from home but somewhere you can experience something. Most of the time we don’t know what we can do or see in our neigborhood or even in our country. Me myself I’m guilty of thinking there is nothing real fun to do in Belgium.That all the fun happens abroad. So big time to go out and discover.
Aquascope Virelles

After picking up Tessa, we drove like 2h till Virelles. Here is Aquascope. The lake of Virelles is in the province of Hainaut, close to Chimay. The beerlovers among you will probably recognise it… Yep indeed it’s here were the Trappist Beer Chimay is brewed. But we weren’t here for that.

Arrived at Aquascope we had the pleasure to discover out sphair. The place where we were going to spend the night. We both were surprised. We didn’t had a 5-star hotel but at night we realised we were in a 1000-star residence.
Ideal for someone like me that loves nature but has never been camping. Personally I won’t think twice before coming back to this place.

Do you want to know everything about our microadventure to the lake of Virelles? Watch the video below. We were are crazy in love with our trip. Would you like to come here too?